Genoemde prijzen zijn in Euro’s en incl. BTW























Legend Sunny Bag


Legend Pistol Bag


Legend Pistol Bag Stand Alone


Protech Milano






Protech Expedition


Protech Walker


Legend Superlite


Rental Bag






Protech Lissabon


Protech Sturdy


Protech Florida


Legend Daytona


Legend Andi


Legend Venice






Travel Covers






Legend Tr. cover Simple


Legend Tr. cover Simple 2 wheels


Legend Tr. cover Deluxe


Legend Tr. Cover Deluxe 2 wheels


Legend Handpocket


Legend 2 comp. Shoebag


Legend 2 comp. + pocket


Legend Mesh Shoebag






Vesta Tr.cover Airliner


Cady Tr. Cover deluxe


Legend Hard Case Tr. Cover 1PK


Legend Hard Case Tr. Cover Deluxe













Turfmaster Junior


Legend Basic


Turfmaster Eco 2 wheel


Turfmaster Eco 3 wheel


Turfmaster Stow a Way


Turfmaster Maxima






Legend Tri-fold


Black bird Sit down


Turfmaster Wide Body 2 wheel


Turfmaster Wide Body 3 wheel


Turfmaster Rental Cart




Bidon Holder


Ash Tray






Cady Trolley D650


Cady Trolley A4


Cady Trolley P70


Cady Trolley TC400


Cady Trolley TC402


Cady Trolley T750i


Cady Trolley Q45






Golf Balls




Legend  12 - Pack


Black Diamond  12 - Pack


Legend  15 - Pack


Black Diamond  15 - Pack


Legend  36 piece Net


Black Diamond 36 piece Net


Legend Bulk  300 pieces


Black Diamond Bulk  300 pieces















Cotswold Boots




Cotswold Alaska


Cotswold Tundra






Golf Socks




Standard Golf socks


Comfort Golf socks






Soft Spikes


Black Widow


Kit fast twist (20)


Kit 6mm metal ( 22)


Kit Q-Fit (22)


Kit 9mm (22)




Kit fast twist (20)


Kit 6mm metal (22)


Kit Q-Fit (22)


Kit 9mm plastic (22)




Black Widow


Bowl fast twist (500)


Bowl 6mm metal (500)


Bowl Q-Fit (500)


Bowl 9mm plastic (500)




Bowl fast twist (500)


Bowl 6mm metal (500)


Bowl Q-Fit (500)


Bowl 9mm plastic (500)




Black Widow


Box fast twist (1000)


Box 6mm metal (1000)


Box Q-Fit (1000)


Box 9mm plastic (1000)







Box fast twist (1000)


Box 6mm metal (1000)


Box Q-Fit (1000)


Box 9mm plastic ( 1000)





Black Widow Cleat Brush


Cleat Kaddy


Easy Spin


Lite Spike


Lite spike 9mm plastic Blister kit


Lite spike fast twist Blister kit


Lite spike 6mm metal Blister kit







Tour Mission




Half set steel


Half set Graphite




Full set steel


Full set Graphite




Junior sets




Junior Set 4-7/ 7-10 or 11-14 year










Half set steel


Half set Graphite




Full set steel


Full set Graphite




Iron in steel loose


Iron in Graphite loose


Wood in steel loose


Wood in Graphite loose









Black Diamond



Show Box Steel


Show Box Graphite






Full Set men's/ women Steel


Full Set Graphite




Half Set men's/ women Steel


Half Set Graphite






Utility Clubs




Tour Mission Fairway wood Steel


Tour Mission Fairway wood Graphite




Tour Mission Pro Wedge Steel




Turfmaster Chipper Steel


Turfmaster Chipper Graphite




Turfmaster Iron Wood Steel


Turfmaster Iron Wood Graphite




Turfmaster Combi Club Steel


Turfmaster Combi Club Graphite











Tour Mission Ice Putter


Tour Mission Series Putter


Turfmaster Tour Putter


Turfmaster Plus Putter steel


Turfmaster Plus 4 Putter Graphite










Put and Practice Mats




Par 1 put mat


Par 2 put mat


Par 3 put mat


Par 4 put mat


Automatic putter return


1" X 2" chip and drive mat


3" X 4" chip and drive mat


Par 2 putting cups (2 pcs)






Put and Pratice




Practice Range


Pop up Net


Chip in Net with Target


Swing mat with wooden base


Chipper Net


Chip it in


Chip mouth set


Flag stick and cup


Chip it in set


Removable Practice Grip


Chip and drive mat


Indoor putting Set


Plastic putting cup with flag


Putting trainer battery operating


Steel putting cup (zinc plated)


Steel putting cup with green flock


Automatic Putting pal 220v operating











Plastic tee's all sizes 30 pieces


Plastic tee's all sizes 100 pieces


Plastic Jumbo tee's 30 pieces


Plastic Jumbo tee's 100 pieces




Wooden tee's 1 5/8 and 1 7/8 30pcs


Wooden tee's 2 1/8  30 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,3/8  30 pieces




Wooden tee's 2,3/4  30 pieces


Wooden tee's 1,5/8 and 1, 7/8 100 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,1/8  100 pieces












Wooden tee's 2,3/8 100 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,3/4 100 pieces


Wooden tee's 1,5/8 and 1,7/8 1000 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,1/8 1000 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,3/8 1000 pieces


Wooden tee's 2,3/4 1000 pieces




Turfmaster Tube package 300 pieces


Turfmaster Showbox





Special Tee's



Bristle tee's 3 pieces


Bristle tee's 3 sizes


Jellyhead Tee's 2, 1/8" Orange


Jellyhead Tee's 1,5/8" Yellow


Rubber Practice mat tee's 3 sizes


Rubber winter tee's


Rubber jumbo winter tee's





Special Tee's


Nice shot tee's 3 pieces


Transparant nice Tee's 6 pieces


Ball with transparant tee's


Tee carrier with plastic tee's


Tee carrier with wooden tee's






Head covers and Rain covers




Head cover 1-3-5 Longneck


Head cover X Longneck


Mallet putter cover


Vinyl/Für Putter cover


Putter head cover


Neoprene putter cover


Neoprene für putter cover


Neoprene für velcro putter cover




Raincover Nylon


Raincover Deluxe


Rain cover hood


Rain cover nylon for standbag






Animal Head covers




Different kind of animal head covers








Kids Golf Game Sets




Hot drive for kids


Hot chip for kids


Hot putt for kids




Chip and putt golf set for kids




Kiddies Golf set


Putting Partner










Driver set for kids


Chipper set for kids


Putter set for kids


Junior golf set




Golf Gifts




Legend playing cards


Legend Golfers essential gift pack


Legend Golfers humidor gift set


Legend Teejar




Legend Putting pool game


Legend Golfers desk pad set


Legend Golf watch in Golf ball


Legend Golf watch in blister


Putting game tray




Bottle opener


Cork screw


Putting Travel set


Drink coaster ( 4pieces)


Golf Tee ornament Christmas ball


Christmas tree with wooden tee's (150)


Christmas tree with wooden tee's (100)


Christmas tree with wooden tee's (40)








Turfmaster golf ball cabinet (25)


Turfmaster golf ball cabinet (49)


Turfmaster golf ball cabinet with clock (19)


Turfmaster golf ball cabinet with door (49)


Turfmaster golf ball cabinet with door (63)











Binocular 300 Yard


Distance Finder


Luxury boxed divit tool


Luxury boxed money clip


Luxury boxed key chain


Clicka ball pick up


Ball pick up standard


Ball pick up Jumbo


Double ball holder




Water Bottle


Cooler Bottle


Club protector


Universal Beverage Holder


Pair off Cart straps


Sigar cutter


Ball washer with key ring


Ball washer with tee holders






Elastic Cart strap


Universal Dual strap


Gel dual strap


Fun Golf balls per piece


Wooden Box for 3 balls


Wooden Box for 6 balls


Plastic Ball markers




Golf accessory pack


Ball liner device


Bottle gift pack


Golf caddy


Aromatic ball for shoes


Filling for aromatic ball


Alu bended Bag stand











Golf ball marker pen (2pcs)


Golf Gift pack


Plastic Golf Pencil (6 pcs)


Plastic Golf Pencil (100 pcs)


Wooden Golf Pencil standard 100pcs


Wooden Golf Pencil with eraser 100


Golf ball Monogrammer


Monogrammer filling


Plastic Glove shaper


Golf Knife












Putting holder with marker




Golf ball retriever cup 6ft


Golf ball retriever cup 9ft


Golf ball retriever cup 12ft


Golf ball retriever cup 15ft


Golf ball retriever cup 18ft




Golf ball retriever spring 6ft


Golf ball retriever spring 9ft


Golf ball retriever spring 12ft


Golf ball retriever spring 15ft


Golf ball retriever spring 18ft




Golf ball Retriever Antenna 8ft




18 holes counter red


Wrist counter


18 holes scorer with bag tag


Handicap converter


Beadcounter small


Beadcounter big


Plastic silver counter with tees


Sun protection







Spike Wrench SW04


Spike Wrench Deluxe SW05


Spike Wrench with Brush SW06


Spike Wrench with ultima tool




Warm up Swing grip Trainer


Seat Cane




Universal Fit scorecard holder


Swing Weight




Turfmaster Aluminium pitchfork


Pitch Digger with button


Divot tool chrome (blister with 2 pcs)


Divot tool chrome ( bulk)


Plastic Divot tool (blister)


Plastic Divot tool (bulk)




Plastic Pitchfork


Brass Pitchfork + Marker


Wooden Pitchfork in Box









10 in 1 Tool


Divot tool with transparant Ball markers


3 in 1 Tool


Golf Towel ring


Golf Towel Printed 4 colors


Legend Golf towel plain 2 colors


Pocket towel Simple black


Pocket towel Deluxe black


Iron cover neoprene black 3-SW





Plastic Hollow balls 6pcs


Plastic Hollow balls 12pcs


Plastic Hollow balls 30pcs


Eva Practice balls 6pcs


Foom ball with red dot 4pcs


Range Master






3-in-1 mini brush per piece


3-in-1 mini brush show box


3-in-1 brush


Wooden valet brush


Scrubby brush


Groove cleaner


Groove cleaner with cord


Wooden cleaning brush


Spike brush




Windbrella 62"   9 colors


Universal umbrella holder

Bag Tubes for Graphite


Universal display with 24 cady umbrella's



Cady umbrella per piece




But extension Iron Graphite


But extension Wood Graphite


But extension steel.580


But extension steel.600


Ferrule Iron


Ferrule Wood




4 Turfmaster Tour wrap grips men's


4 Turfmaster Tour wrap grips ladies


Grip tape small


Grip tape large


Lead tape


Turfmaster grip men's


Turfmaster grip ladies



























































































































































































































































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