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Non Food


All shapes and sizes bags, foils, sheets, covers and bags that are used in this sector and also suitable for the semiconductor industry. Specialist in fire- and flame retardant foils. Different sizes are no problem.

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Foils, bags and sheets with BRC-IoP/FDA approval. With normal, medium and very high gas and aroma barriers. For packing refrigerated foods by anti-fog-and easy peel properties. For deep-drawing, flow packaging, vacuuming, transwrapping and topsealing.

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Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Dental

All shapes and sizes plastic bags, foils and covers used in these industries.

Also delivery of Dental gloves. Packaging materials suitable for use in cleanroom conditions in accordance with the highest international standards.

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Social responsibility

Karenco wants to take responsibility for the effects of its business activities on people and the environment. Karenco policy aims to achieve the objectives with corporate social responsibility to find an optimal balance between People, Planet and Profit. In this way, we want to set a good example for our stakeholders and inspire them to undertake socially responsible also.

Biodegradable plastics and innovation

Karenco also provides packaging made from biodegradable plastics and foils, for example, that the shelf life of fresh products importantly is extended and by innovation can be thinner with the same properties (less waste). Cradle to cradle (C2C) and sustainability are very familiar at Karenco.


Is the exact printing known, or maybe not? Then Karenco is the right partner for you. By our long desktop publishing experience we can make exactly the printing you desire. We just need a logo or a small sketch of what the thoughts about the printing is and soon after that, we will send a proposal for the design.

Packaging & Transport

Fast deliveries within Europe

Frequently asked questions

What are the quality requirements of Karenco articles?

Karenco delivers the quality you packaging in accordance with BRC-IoP, FDA, ISO 9001:2008, Cleanroom ISO class 5, 6, 7 and 8 14644-1 or fire retardant to DIN 4102 (B1) and 13501-1 and (B, S1, D0).  Products can be supplied certified (Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Analysis 3.1 or a Food Compliance Certificate).

Can Karenco arrange a sample?

For new products we can supply a sample. The costs are usually nil, that's service. With custom printing we provide standard a free sample of the printing in PDF, so you can see how the printing will look like.

What are the printing possibilities at Karenco?

In principle Karenco prints up to 10 colors and so also CMYK (full colour print). You can send us your logo or custom printing that you had once before and we make sure that it the right way and in the right colors. That is our service!

What is the delivery time?

Standard items are delivered directly from stock. Articles that are produced are usually ready within 3 to 6 weeks.

What is the payment term?

If you first order we order a small check to your creditworthiness. If that is positive, we agree on a payment term.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

Normally not, unless this is explicitly mentioned in our quotation and/or order acknowledgement. The quoted prices apply to a single delivery address for the entire order. If you want to spread the delivery over several addresses, we can of course.



Since 1992 supplier for the Food, Non-Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical industry

Customized production, but also delivery from stock of a large range of products is possible. Expert help to optimize packaging issues in relation to better efficiency, sustainability and the environment.

About Karenco

Since 1992 supplier of plastic packaging for the Food, Non-Food, Medical-/Pharmaceutical, aerospace, Biotech and semi-conductor industry 

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